Welcome to the world of Face & Body Art by Gen Keller. Here you are transported through imagination and creations that are vivid, captivating and memorable.  If you are looking to bring your project or event to the next level then you have come to the right place. Gen Keller is based in New York but has travelled all over the country doing professional face and body paint projects.  Look through her galleries on this website and you will see why Gen is the best face and body painter for your next project!

  • Body Art

    Body painting can be used for everything from a party to a promotion.

    Add a unique and memorable quality to your event or promotion!

  • Face Art

    Face painting is the perfect addition to any event: Beautiful to scary, quality face art brings out creativity and imagination!


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    Gen can create the look that’s right for you and your event.

    Here are some ideas to add a unique and creative touch to your event.

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    More information regarding our face painting and body painting services.

    I would love to hear from you, please feel free to contact me!.


About Me

Gen Keller’s art has been featured in international publications such as Illusions magazine and she has had her talents showcased at tradeshows such as IMATS (International Makeup Artists Trade Show). 

Gen Keller’s art is meant to be bold, interactive and very memorable.  Let Gen create a unique look that will put your event far ahead of the competitions and will remain in your audience’s minds for a long time. 

Latest works